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BlogDiversity in publishing – yes, please
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Diversity in publishing – yes, please

Diversity has become such a buzzword in publishing and marketing over the past few years that it’s starting to feel quite meaningless, which is a shame. For Devina and I, growing up in Malaysia in the 70s/80s, diversity wasn’t just a buzzword, it was how we lived – the friends we had, the food we ate, the shows we watched, the clothes we wore – and the books we read.

Thanks to Enid Blyton (like the pandemic, she was endemic) we learned about exotic, faraway Britain through the galivants of the Famous Five and Noddy. We read about bizarre foods – trifle, crumpets, porridge (without rice!) ginger beer – and strange rituals – midnight feasts, supper, baths (euu). For us, her books were a window to another world, just as Mooty the Mouse was a mirror of our own world.

Whether readers are looking for books that mirror their own experiences or are seeking windows into new ones, it’s only good business to offer a diverse consumer base an equally diverse offering of books. At SCLA we’re committed to this idea and I believe it’s well reflected in our author list.

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