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Mel Schmitz

Mel Schmitz is a Developmental Psychologist who has enjoyed working with families for almost 20 years across a variety of settings, countries and cultures.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Mel completed her first degree, BSc. Psychology (Hons) at the University of Nottingham, UK. She went on to complete a Masters of Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of Western Australia and was privileged to observe, listen and learn from some incredible and compassionate practitioners at work within a variety of settings such as primary and secondary schools, a Neuroscience unit and a hospital-based child and adolescent psychiatric setting. She ran a private practice in Malaysia and has worked at an international school in Germany for the last 14 years. She also has a degree in English Literature and is a great lover of humorous verse by the likes of Edward Lear, Spike Milligan, Weird Al Yankovitch and Dr Seuss.

Her first-hand adventures in the parenting trenches as well as the years spent listening to the wisdom, joys, hopes, secret fears and frustrations of hundreds of parents form the inspiration behind her very first book ‘The Parenting Climb in Nonsense Rhyme,’ a quirky, empowering parent encouragement and self-help book with a twist. Mel lives with her husband and two kids in Stuttgart, Germany, where she once inadvertently fed one of her kids to a bird of prey…


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