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BlogViji Krishnamoorthy’s debut longlisted for the Dublin Literary Award 2023

Viji Krishnamoorthy’s debut longlisted for the Dublin Literary Award 2023

We’re so happy to announce that Viji’s 912 BATU ROAD made the Dublin Literary Awards’ amazing longlist for 2023.

Reflecting on her nomination, Viji observed, “History isn’t only about war heroes and victors and losers. It is stories of the indomitable human spirit of ordinary people going about their everyday lives who contribute in small and yet significant ways. It is these human stories of empathy and kindness and love for one’s fellow people that really are the beacon on very dark and grim days. Their compassion softens the harsh and cruel realities of war.”

While the main characters in 912 Batu Road are fictional, Viji wove real Malaysian heroes into her book. “Sybil Kathigasu was a nurse and her husband Dr Abdon Clement Kathigasu had a clinic on 74 Main Street, Papan, Perak where they nursed and supplied medical aid to the resistance fighters during the Japanese Occupation. Gurchan Singh was a policeman who distributed leaflets under the code name ‘Singa’ containing actual news of the war to counter the Japanese propaganda,” she elaborated.

“Young Malaysians must know of the contribution of these unsung heroes as they are invisible in our history books today. It was important to shine a spotlight on them and acknowledge not just their contribution but their love for their country.”

For more info, view Viji Krishnamoorthy’s profile here.

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