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Sivagurunathan & Chua is a literary agency based in Malaysia looking to bring new and diverse Malaysian writing to the world.

The partners Devina Sivagurunathan and Rosalind Chua aim to combine their decades of publishing and international business development experience with a shared love for books (and David Beckham) to build long-term relationships with authors, publishers and agents throughout the world.

We are currently accepting fiction and non-fiction submissions from authors who write in English or Bahasa Malaysia. Please email us a summary and the first three chapters of your work, we’d love to hear from you!


Rosalind Chua

Rosalind is a publishing professional with 25 years of industry experience. She is a history graduate from the University of Durham, UK. After graduating in 1997, she spent seven years in London selling coeditions and language rights at Amber Books, Helen Exley Giftbooks and Transworld Publishers.

She returned to Malaysia in 2003, where she was senior copywriter and head of creative at INTACT Communications. She moved into magazine publishing as a senior editor at IN Penang, a contributor to Time Out Penang, Deputy Editor of Penang Economic Monthly and editor of Automotive Malaysia.

In 2007, she set up Clarity Publishing as a boutique book packager providing a full range of editorial and design solutions for private and public sector clients. Today, Clarity Publishing is one of Malaysia’s best small presses with a focus on commercial non-fiction and upmarket fiction. She is also the author of 14 non-fiction titles and an illustrated children’s book – Twee & the Mysterious Howl.



Devina Sivagurunathan

Devina Sivagurunathan has been a passionate and ferocious reader of non-fiction and fiction books ever since she could read. She has too many favourite authors to count, ranging from William Dalrymple to Arundhati Roy to Anthony Burgess. She enjoys both a good tale and carefully researched work, and is particularly susceptible to sharp storytelling and boldly fleshed out characters. She has over two decades of experience in the business world, and brings her business acumen into the running of SCLA. She is currently the Executive Director of MABECS.

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