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*Gasp, is it really the middle of the year?? Where has all the time gone since April!!?? (admin is suddenly feeling very guilty for not finishing this post earlier…). It’s been two months since the London Book Fair, jet-lag has long passed, follow-ups have all been completed and enough sand has slipped through the hourglass […]

Phew what a year 2023 is turning out to be!! Since we’ve bid hello to the Rabbit Year I’m pleased to report that we’ve been inundated with submissions not only from Malaysia-based writers but also Singaporean and Indonesian writers (always lovely to hear from our ASEAN neighbours!). From the beginning of March to Merdeka Day [&helli

With another Frankfurt Book Fair done and dusted here are some observations for Malaysian writers to take note of: The 2022 edition of the FBF was the first ‘normal’ Fair since 2019 and the dark(er) days of COVID. Publishers numbers/trade visitor numbers are still not back to pre-COVID levels but that’s not too surprising (curse [&h

Hello Malaysians living overseas! We know there are plenty of writers out there, don’t hide your lights under the proverbial bush ya. We also know many of you’ve got unpublished work and have approached plenty of international agents to no avail. If you’re tired of having to explain ‘lah’ or ‘nasi lemak’ for the nth [&hellip

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