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Christine Sathiah

Christine Sathiah, born in France of mixed French-Spanish heritage, spent her formative years in Paris. She studied French literature at the Sorbonne and later achieved a First Class Honours degree in International Relations and Political Science at Victoria University in Wellington.

In 1969, she married Renji Sathiah, a Malaysian diplomat based in London whose career path took them from London to Moscow, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Singapore, Brasilia and Brussels as well as home postings in Kuala Lumpur.

She has a passion for languages and has taught Spanish and French in diverse educational settings across different countries. Her daughter is a crime novelist who lives in Wellington with her husband and two sons.

Beyond her professional and familial commitments, Christine enjoys travelling, reading, writing, skiing and good films.

Her first book ‘French Customs and Etiquette’ (Marshall Cavendish) was published in 2007. Her second book ‘Dancing With Mrs. Gromyko: Memoirs of a Diplomat’s Wife’ (Clarity Publishing ) will be released in Q2 2024.


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