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Rosalind Chua

Rosalind is a publishing professional with 25 years of industry experience. She is a history graduate from the University of Durham, UK. After graduating in 1997, she spent seven years in London selling coeditions and language rights at Amber Books, Helen Exley Giftbooks and Transworld Publishers.

She returned to Malaysia in 2003, where she was senior copywriter and head of creative at INTACT Communications. She moved into magazine publishing as a senior editor at IN Penang, a contributor to Time Out Penang, Deputy Editor of Penang Economic Monthly and editor of Automotive Malaysia.

In 2007, she set up Clarity Publishing as a boutique book packager providing a full range of editorial and design solutions for private and public sector clients. Today, Clarity Publishing is one of Malaysia’s best small presses with a focus on commercial non-fiction and upmarket fiction. She is also the author of 14 non-fiction titles and an illustrated children’s book – Twee & the Mysterious Howl.



“Although fiction has always been a passion, I always told myself that I’d stay clear of publishing English-language fiction in Malaysia. The market is incredibly tough with all the UK/US imports flooding in and it can be daunting introducing new Malaysian writers to local readers who are often more fixated with the NY Times/Sunday Times bestseller lists. Having said that, I do enjoy a challenge! I just love it when readers write in to say how blown away they were by the writing, that our books were just as good if not better than the imports.

This made me realise that Malaysian authors deserve a much larger audience, our home market is too small but at the same time I can’t publish all the excellent fiction that comes my way! SCLA is our new baby and one we want to bring Malaysian talent to the world.

I think this will be a brilliant time for SCLA with all the discussions on diversity and inclusion (or lack of!) in publishing taking place. People are having more conversations about representation in books and it’s high time. We definitely need these conversations and we need more agents, editors and publishers to realise that there is a much bigger, more colourful world out there to offer readers if we can move beyond entrenched mindsets and the comfort zone.”

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